Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Those of you who live in the north-east (especially those of you in State College, PA!) know that we've had a week or so of unusually cold weather for October. When Steve and I moved to Massachusetts along with a larger monthly rent bill we also inherited a utility bill we've had nothing to do with for the past three years: heat. Had we been in our old apartment in State College for this recent wave of cold weather, I imagine we wouldn't have hesitated to turn on our heat. Now that we're footing the bill, however, we're doing all that we can to hold off turning on the heat as long as possible.

For me the fun thing about cold weather and feeling cold is it puts me in the mood to knit, so this past week my knitting needles have been going like crazy. To start I whipped up a pair of fingerless gloves to wear around the house. I'm sure this sounds a little crazy, but it really helps; especially when I have to type papers, use my hands to turn pages while reading or, and this one in particular is key, when I use my hands to knit! The gloves are super cozy and definitely made braving the cold weather without heat more tolerable.

Once my hands were warm enough to continue knitting I worked on a project I started in March: a seamless yoke sweater. For those of you who aren't knitters and are unfamiliar with this particular sweater pattern it was designed by a famous knitter (yes, there are famous knitters, and yes I realize that admitting I know of famous knitters shows just how into knitting I am), Elizabeth Zimmerman. The amazing thing about this sweater is that it has no seams; if this doesn't seem amazing to you, take out any sweater from your closet and count the number of seams it has - now imagine trying to figure out how to construct a sweater without any seams - crazy, right?

Being someone who always has to do things the hard way I decided that I didn't just want a seamless sweater, I wanted a seamless cardigan. This meant that I was going to cut my knitting. Again, those of you who aren't knitters don't understand the seriousness of this task. Knitting is based off of a ton of string that is looped together in a way that if one portion of that string is cut the entire sweater would likely unravel. In order to prevent this from happening when I cut my knitting I created two very strong seams and then cut in between them. I then added a button band and a collar and voilá: seamless yoke cardigan!

This is the first official sweater I've knit so I'm very excited its complete. The yarn for my second and third sweaters has already been purchased. Thus continues my obsession with knitting.

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