Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

 So I've never been big on New Year's Resolutions. Partly because I think it's a silly tradition and partly because I've never actually been able to follow through with the resolutions I make. But on the other side of my first year as a parent (which I've loved!), I'm finding that it's helpful to make specific goals--even if it's just to relax and do something for myself. Without specific goals, by the time I get the little one to bed, I forget to do the things I enjoy before collapsing on the couch myself. So here are my goals for the New Year:
  • Read two books a month: this may not seem like a lot--mostly because it isn't a lot. I used to strive to read 50 books in a year and in my grad school years I actually came pretty close to that. But at this point in my life--working full-time, a full-time Mom, a full-time wife--I'm striving to make goals that are a stretch, but are attainable. Two books a month is that type of goal. My hope is also to work through some of the books I own, but haven't had a change to read yet.
  • Complete twelve knitting projects: the New Years before I got pregnant I had the goal to finish one unfinished knitting project each month of the year. Then I found out I was pregnant and got distracted working on baby projects. With this same idea in mind I've made a goal to work through twelve different projects throughout the year--working both on new projects and some unfinished projects.
  • Restart my blog: I love to write which has always been my reason for blogging. I fell away from blogging when I started grad school as I was doing so much writing for my school work. But since finishing my masters I've found that without deadlines and assignments I don't have the motivation to do much writing and I miss it. This year I'm hoping to spend more time blogging. Hopefully between the books I'm reading and the projects I'm knitting along with my every day life, I'll have plenty of content for writing. 
So here's to 2015--perhaps it will be the first year I actually keep my New Year's Resolutions!
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