Wednesday, August 26, 2009

fear, harry potter and 3D

NOTE: I just realized that though I wrote this at the beginning of the month and never remembered to post it! Just imagine that its Aug. 7th!

Steve and I went to see the latest Harry Potter movie last night as part of our anniversary celebration. One of the new fun things about the area we just moved to is that the local movie theater has an imax theater in it. Since Steve had never seen a regular movie on an imax screen we figured we'd splurge for the extra $4 tickets and check it out. In addition to being an imax movie it ended up being in 3D...actually I should say the first 15 minutes of it were in 3D - at least those 15 minutes were cool though!

As we sat watching in 3D I was lucky enough to witness one of the high school girls in front of me reaching out to touch the images in front of her. Suddenly I was reminded of my last 3D experience - sitting in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids show (I think!) at Disney world. I specifically remember putting my hand out at several points in awe of the fact that I couldn't actually touch the images that were appearing before me. Unfortunately I soon afterward became freaked out by the characters rushing toward my face and spent the rest of the show either with my eyes shut or my 3D glasses off.

It was such a refreshing reminder of how easily I'm overtaken by irrational fear. I'm proud to say that at least this fear was one I overcame: I was able to sit through the whole film - 3D glasses on - eyes open!

Some shots of our anniversary celebrations:

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