Sunday, June 14, 2009

the beginnings of jalapeno peppers

I tried planting a container garden for the first time this year (see photo below) and so far its been going really well. I planted some tomato plants at a friends house last year so I knew what to expect with them, but for the first time I planted a jalapeño pepper plant and a pickling cucumber plant. Since I haven't planted them before I was a little concerned about them surviving especially since I'm trying out the whole container garden thing.

So the other day I go to check on my plants and the blooms on my jalapeño plant are dying! I was so upset and certain that something was wrong until I realized...the blooms were dying to make way for some beautiful peppers! Next time I'll have to examine the cause of the dead flower more extensively before freaking out! I thought I would share some pictures of the blooms and the peppers poking through since its bringing me such excitement!

my container garden:
my jalapeño plant:

a close up of a healthy bloom:

a close up of an emerging pepper:


  1. GREAT pictures, Jill! I would've freaked out too!


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